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Selling an Apartment With Existing Tenants in NYC – Hauseit

Selling an apartment in NYC with existing tenants in place can be much more challenging than selling a vacant apartment. This is especially...
Bank of America

BofA’s plan to sustain its consumer banking mojo

Brian Moynihan says Bank of America has a strategy to offset revenue declines if the Fed cuts rates as expected this year —...
The Impatient Trader

Homes To Buy– Seek Aid From Realtors For Best Offers

Homes Available For Sale-- Seek Help From Realtors For Ideal DealsIf you watching out for a home and wondering upon picking the proper...
home prices

A New Approach to Affordable Housing

New Jersey is looking to preserve affordable housing through new foreclosure law, NJ Spotlight reports. Governor Phil Murphy recently signed a law which...
Brookfield Residential Edmonton

What first time home buyers need to know about buying an investment property

Not sure if your first home purchase should be to live in or as an investment property? In this episode, we discuss the...

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