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Cupertino, Calif.

California threatens to sue if Apple’s hometown lags on housing

California officials are threatening legal action if Cupertino, hometown of Apple, doesn't meet its housing goals.The California Department of Housing and Community Development...
Canada housing

Equitable, Home Capital cash in on tighter Canada mortgage rules

Equitable Group Inc. and Home Capital Group Inc. are reaping a windfall from Canada's tighter mortgage regulations.Shares of the alternative lenders are surging...

Former mortgage exec Michael Ashley gets three years in prison

Former Lend America executive Michael Ashley was sentenced to three years in prison for his actions that led to the implosion of the...
Growth over a two-year period in key categories of bank lending

Lending to nonbank lenders is growing — maybe too much

Amid warnings that the next financial crisis could be caused by rising levels of corporate debt, banking regulators have taken some comfort in...
San Jose, Calif.

Controversial San Jose affordable housing development stalls

In a blow to a city struggling to build enough affordable housing, a controversial proposal to house formerly homeless people in buildings constructed...

From Sacramento to Washington, housing politics are on fire

County supervisors approve a disputed project. Gov. Gavin Newsom agrees to a statewide housing policy. President Trump moves to ease home-construction regulations across...
Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass.

Elizabeth Warren leads group of Democrats questioning another CFPB hire

WASHINGTON — Democratic lawmakers are calling on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to reconsider the hiring of Paul Watkins as the assistant director...
GSE reform

Where GSE reform could head and what it could mean for mortgage lenders

Government-sponsored enterprise reform has long been a contentious topic in Washington, D.C., one that has proven particularly resistant to bipartisan collaboration.But since becoming...

How California’s big plans to address housing affordability crashed

Just over two weeks ago, California lawmakers were planning to advance some of the most aggressive policies in the nation to combat rising...
Hurricane Harvey

Congress extends national flood insurance program by two weeks

Congress extended the National Flood Insurance Program through June 14, preventing the federal initiative from expiring on Saturday.The stopgap bill was passed by...

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