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Katie Gorden

5 Reasons You Should Be Looking For a Home in Utah – Katie Gorden

Image Source: EnvatoMore people are moving to Utah, and maybe you should consider doing the same for some of the following reasons.One thing...
Jane Edison

The State of Estate Sales and Auctions – Jane Edison

An Estate sale or an estate auction is never an easy thing to deal with. That’s because they usually come after a not...
Chris Bourke

Real Estate or Website Income…which one is better? – Chris Bourke

Ok, so we’ve all heard the expression, ‘as safe as houses’, and lets face it, there is probably no safer investment than real...

Billionaire Robert Friedland Buys $26 Million L.A. House – Variety

2020 in L.A. is already off to a pricey start, at least where real estate is concerned. Last week, billionaire Ivanhoe Mines magnate...
Mete Varas

Creating a “Data Economy” in the Property Industry – Mete Varas

As we moved from analogue to the digital world, everything we do creates data. Every second we are interacting online is being stored...

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