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FHFA extends deadline to give the market more time to weigh UMBS plan

The Federal Housing Finance Agency has extended its deadline for investor comments on a proposal aimed at better aligning pooling practices for loans...

Getting to Know Our Lead Real Estate Market Advisor, Ulysses Guevara Gammad

As a team member, can you tell us about your role in the IAT project?With the Philippines as the first launching ground for...
Daniel G. Jennings

Is Housing Crashing? — Market Mad House – Daniel G. Jennings

Scary real estate data is causing some observers to ask “is housing crashing?”In particular, the U.S. foreclosure rate rose 13% between September and...
John Wise is a Regional Sales Manager for Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions

Own Your Market With Non-QM

The NMP Webinar:Own Your Market With Non-QM will be held Thursday, Nov. 21 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific/1:00 p.m. Eastern. Click here to register for...
Žiga Sedovnik

Housing market prices in Slovenia – Žiga Sedovnik

The story of booms and busts over time.It was a rainy Sunday morning, so naturally I was browsing Reddit, procrastinating as people tend...
Fed Rate Cuts Ahead? - DSNews

Fed Discusses Interest Rates and Market Health

This week, the Federal Open Market Committee will release the minutes of its last meeting. During the committee’s October 4 meeting, it was...

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A white and beige living room with built-in storage shelving, gray furniture, and a white coffee table.

Minimalist summer retreat houses a multigenerational family

The word idyllic means something different to everyone, but it’s hard to argue with a clean, white house on a rolling...
Marijuana: Public housing tenants face penalties even where it’s legal

Marijuana: Public housing tenants face penalties even where it’s legal

Beginning on January 1, 2020, residents of Chicago will be able to buy, sell, and consume marijuana recreationally thanks to a...
Bidding Wars Heating Up in the Bay Area

National Bidding War Rate Hit a 10-Year Low in October

Seattle rates among those to fall below national level, even as competition in the Bay Area sees unseasonable uptick. Despite a smaller than...
Enness Global Mortgages

Can UK expats get a mortgage in the UK? – Enness Global Mortgages

It is difficult to say with any real confidence how many UK expats there are in the world because movement between countries today...
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You have often heard this everyday saying “If you want to be rich, invest in real estate, invest in lands…” Well as sickly...

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