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What happens when you don’t respond to social media comments

One of the quickest ways to destroy any goodwill or positive mindshare that you have with your network is to not respond to...
impersonation with deepfakes

New Reddit policy on impersonation mimics other social media giants

It’s no surprise that the more connected we are, the harder it becomes to keep something secret. For instance, Amazon’s Echo makes the...
Silversea Media Group

Virtual Staging — Sell Your Listings Faster – Silversea Media Group

The real estate and property market is nothing if not intensely competitive. And to stay ahead of the game, you will need some...
Nakul Chandra

10 Real Estate Social Media Marketing Strategies That’ll Bring in New Business in 2020

Most real estate agents have a social media presence, but are they really giving home buyers and sellers what they want?Buying or selling...

Top 5 mistakes real estate pros are making on social media

As I sit down to write this, the Festivus episode of Seinfeld is fresh in my mind. It’s an American classic!  (Millennials, put down...
Nick Loggie

The Impact of Social Media on Real Estate Business – Nick Loggie

Social media channels set off on the wrong foot when it gained popularity a few years ago. Critics have made light of why...
WT waiting list contribute

Social media site by Wikipedia founder

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales announced the launch of WT:Social last week, a social network sprung from the WikiTribune project. In addition to creating...
Zillow President of Media and Marketplace Greg Schwartz leaving to take "gap year"

Zillow President of Media and Marketplace Greg Schwartz leaving to take “gap year”

In a LinkedIn post Monday, Zillow President of Media and Marketplace Greg Schwartz announced he would be stepping down from the company he’s...

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Stern & Eisenberg Announces New Managing Attorney

Stern & Eisenberg Announces New Managing Attorney

Catherine Di Lorenzo Catherine Di Lorenzo, Esq. has joined the Stern & Eisenberg team as Managing Attorney for the state of Delaware.   Admitted to the...

Is Investing in Rental Properties a Sustainable Real Estate Strategy?

Real estate investment is a time-honored method. There’s no doubt about that. However, the variations within the concept of real estate investing set...

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