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Orange concrete building in desert

Golf resort in Jordan mimics surrounding mountains and dunes

If a building is going to mimic its surroundings, it’s awfully convenient to build it among gentle but striking rolling...

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‘Confidence and Stability’ Coming to Housing Market

$2T Stimulus Package Agreed Upon

Numerous reports say Senate Democrats and Republicans have agreed to a stimulus package that totals more than $2 trillion early Wednesday morning.  “At last...
Land Gorilla launches remote inspections

Land Gorilla launches remote inspections

In light of businesses closing due to coronavirus, construction loan management software company Land Gorilla has introduced remote inspections to support industries impacted...
Stock market

There’s a subreddit that is literally moving the stock market

I don’t gamble. RIP to Mister Kenny Rogers, but this whole folding, holding, walking, running business is bad for my heart. So playing the...
Edward W. Svec


Virtually Staged at DuskWhen selling your home the appearance is incredibly important since a positive first impression for potential buyers is essential for...

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