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Commissioners Grant Forgiveness for Reimagined $9.4M Home

Reimagined Home Reduced, Slated for Foreclosure

With the project team having successfully secured forgiveness for the under-permitted redevelopment of their rather spectacularly “reimagined” home at 3847-3849 18th Street at...

California Governor Newsom calls state’s homelessness issue a “disgrace”

In his State of the State speech Wednesday morning, California Gov. Gavin Newsom emphasized the issue of homelessness in the Golden State, calling...
John Fulton

More Confusion From Analysts Regarding Zillow Instant Offers

Zillow“It’s pretty unusual to have this kind of business model change for a public company — it’s such a risky move,” said Mark...
HUD dedicates $10 million to affordable housing

Trump picks Dana Wade to serve as FHA commissioner

With Brian Montgomery currently awaiting a full Senate vote to confirm him as the next deputy secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban...

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