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Share your first-time homebuying story

Share your first-time homebuying story

Buying a home today can feel impossible. We bet when your friends heard that you managed to buy, they all wondered,...
Chris Bourke

Real Estate or Website Income…which one is better? – Chris Bourke

Ok, so we’ve all heard the expression, ‘as safe as houses’, and lets face it, there is probably no safer investment than real...
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December Home Sales at 10-Year High

December’s housing market recorded a 13.5 percent year-over-year increase, according to new data from RE/MAX Holdings. This represented the highest increase of any...
Bonus Plans for Building Up Clement Street

Bonus Plans for Building Up Clement Street

Plans to raze the single-story China Dance School & Theater building on the southeast corner of Clement and 32nd Avenue are in the...
fired pug thinks about life

You f**ked up and got fired – now what do you do?

One day recently, I was feeling lost and was about to use Google because I needed answers! I wanted to magically stop the...

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