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Refis rise

Rising rates cause drop in mortgage apps, yet refis remain strong

Higher interest rates led to a 1.1% seasonally adjusted decline in mortgage applications compared with the previous week, according to the Mortgage Bankers...

How to Benefit From Viaz – VIAZ

I call Viaz the sleeping juggernaut because there are days when I spend most of my time getting on and off airplanes. Every...

Former mortgage exec Michael Ashley gets three years in prison

Former Lend America executive Michael Ashley was sentenced to three years in prison for his actions that led to the implosion of the...
2352 Shattuck Avenue Site - Corner of Durant

Refined Designs for Building up in Berkeley

As proposed, the Downtown Berkeley retail complex fronting the west side of Shattuck Avenue, between Durant Avenue and...
Agentpro Team

3 activities all agents should be doing – Agentpro Team

Note: Retention of current clients and getting referrals from their network will do more for you in the long run than any marketing...

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