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Eric Hulsman

The Benefits of Owning a Rental Property – Eric Hulsman

While there is risk involved with every type of investment, buying a rental property often offers the most promise of a return on...
Buyer's Remorse: Rental Investments and Homeowner Opinion

Where Is Renting Preferred Over Owning a Home?

Demand for homeownership is waning as more residents prefer renting over buying a home, according to the latest national index produced by the...
How Is Debt Impacting Owning a Home?

How Is Debt Impacting Owning a Home?

A recent survey by Freedom Debt Relief concluded that 28% of Americans said the biggest barrier to buying a home in 2019 is...
strip mall with clothing storefront in view

Owning Your Own Office Is Easier Than You Think | Real Estate

Nothing hurts a real estate investor quite like writing a rent check, especially for their own offices. But there are subtle aspects of...

Make a Fortune on Airbnb Without Owning Property | Real Estate

When most people think of real estate investing, they usually assume a few things. One, they think they need a lot of capital...

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New-home supply takes biggest drop in six years

With bidding wars subsiding, new-home sales prices dropped, causing the largest year-to-year decline in new construction since 2013, according to Redfin.Overall for-sale inventory...
Fannie Orig

Why the boost lenders get from lower mortgage rates may have limits

While the recent rate-driven boom in production is heartening for lenders, the limited response when it comes to home purchases is a concern.On...
FHFA Talks Conservatorship and Regulation

FHFA Shares Fannie, Freddie Stress Tests Results

The provision for credit losses would be the largest contributing factor to losses at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac under severely adverse economic...
Trade groups cast doubt over FHA’s attempt to remove lending roadblocks | 2019-07-15

House committee: Big bank leadership is mostly white, mostly male | 2019-08-13

A review of the nation’s largest banks reveals that not a single female or minority sits at the helm as CEO. This revelation was...
The ‘good enough’ home may be just perfect

The ‘good enough’ home may be just perfect

Constructed from aspirational Instagram feeds and reality TV, the dream home floats in the imagination like a castle in...

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