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Instagram co-watching

Instagram helps pass social isolation with co-watching

Lack of information kills. As in straight up will put you in the ground, kills. Example: Did you know they sell apricot kernels by the...
Airbnb and coronavirus: Is $250M host relief fund enough?

Airbnb and coronavirus: Is $250M host relief fund enough?

In a dramatic about-face announced during a video call Monday afternoon with CEO Brian Chesky, Airbnb said it would pay $250...

David E. Talbert Upgrades in Woodland Hills – Variety

Veteran playwright-turned-successful Tinseltown filmmaker David E. Talbert (“Almost Christmas,” “First Sunday,” the upcoming Netflix holiday special “Jingle Jangle”) and his longtime wife Lyn...
how to tour houses during coronavirus

How to Tour Houses During Coronavirus and Stay Safe

You may have been in the middle of house hunting when the coronavirus entered your state, or maybe you still need to find...

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