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A homeless encampment is seen on Martin Luther King Jr. Way in Oakland, California, U.S., on Friday, Aug. 30, 2019.

California selling new No Place Like Home state bond credit

California comes to market Tuesday with the inaugural sale of an income tax revenue bond credit that will provide funding to house homeless...

Equity building and lack of affordability keep homeowners in place

Inventory shortages, favorable tax policies and a dearth of affordable options caused homeowners to increase the number of years lived in their home,...
That place where shiplap & murder meet

That place where shiplap & murder meet

There’s going to be a new home renovation show that focuses on murder houses. How crazy is that? It’ll be called Murder House...
Delhi NCR Properties

Features That Make This Beautiful Homes An Ideal Place for Active Living

Living an active lifestyle is something that today’s homebuyers are interested in. However, what defines an active lifestyle, and how can your residence...
Metal arches frame a road lined with shops and restaurants.

Great Places in America 2019 include Governor’s Island, A Gathering Place

What makes a neighborhood, street, and public space truly great? Is it just location and landscaping? Or perhaps less definable characteristics...
Realestate Developer

Why Mahim is the Best Place to Buy a Home? – Realestate Developer

Multicultural essenceMahim is often considered as the heart of Mumbai not just due to its strategic location but also due to its diverse...
Woodland Place Tallahassee • Listings And New Home Sales Sep 2019

Woodland Place Tallahassee • Listings And New Home Sales Sep 2019

Woodland Place Home Size Trends The average size of a home sold in Woodland Place will likely range from 1,400 square feet to 1,700 square...
Qld Hot Property

The Best Place to Invest in Toowoomba – Qld Hot Property

The Best Place to Invest in Toowoomba | Qld Hot PropertyThe Garden City, Toowoomba, is known for its beautiful parks and gardens especially...
Photo credit: Getty Images/orgnmaster

Economy is in “Favorable Place”

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell did not see a recession in the immediate future, although he acknowledged the global economy is getting a...

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Mortgage Delinquency: “Signs of Emerging Stress in Some States”

Mortgage Delinquency: “Signs of Emerging Stress in Some States”

CoreLogic found that as of June 2019, the foreclosure inventory rate fell 0.1 percentage points from June 2018 to 0.4%—tied with the past...
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