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View from kitchen looking out through floor to ceiling windows.

Luxury prefab homes from Dvele are going fully off-grid

High-end prefab home builder Dvele just got a little more high-tech—and eco-conscious. The San Diego-based company, which is known for its...
Homes with alternating facades

Modern prefab homes embrace solar power with custom roofs

Custom-designed with the environment in front, these prefab row houses in Örebro, Sweden, feature angled roofs that slant downwards to capture...
Living room with large windows, white walls, and bamboo flooring.

New prefab homes from Kithaus target the backyard house market

As rules and regulations around accessory dwelling units (ADUs) loosen in states like California, there’s also been an uptick in ADU-friendly...
Home interior with curved glass shower.

Prefab home from Nestrom comes with AI assistant

Tiny home makers all have a calling card. Whether it’s pay-as-you-go minimalism or maximum customer convenience, it helps to know what...
Living room with pale wood floors and wood and white fabric furniture.

Muji’s new prefab home designed for aging in place

Muji’s latest prefab house is exceedingly simple. Single story and built from pale wood, the Yō no Ie House (translated to...
An airy living room has heigh ceilings, a gray two-seater sofa, pale wood coffee table, and a view of the kitchen area in one corner.

Best prefab homes of 2019 include ADU designs, floating house

Whether it’s Kanye’s dome prototypes or Ikea’s plan to design residences for people with dementia, prefab housing of all stripes continued...
Cabin with doors opened wide.

Glamp under the stars in this transparent prefab cabin

Sleeping under the stars has undergone some vast improvements in recent years. No longer does the phrase connote holing up in...
Two houses with A-frame windows in front.

Modern prefab homes from Studio 804 were designed for housing density

Over in Lawrence, Kansas, a recent project by Studio 804, the design/build non-profit from the University of Kansas Department of Architecture,...
Rendering of interior of a home with light wood furnishings and windows overlooking a beach.

New prefab homes from Plant Prefab come in a wide range of sizes

A year after the Woolsey Fire destroyed more than 1,500 buildings and homes in Southern California, people are starting to slowly...
Why Amazon Is Betting You’ll Buy a Million Dollar Prefab Home

Why Amazon Is Betting You’ll Buy a Million Dollar Prefab Home

Behar is designing a line of Plant Prefab Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), a sort of sleek, modern mother-in-law unit fitted for a backyard....

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