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smart home technology for the bathroom

Create High Tech Master Bathrooms with Smart Home Electronics and pps

Bathroom makeovers are pricey and invasive, but a few smart upgrades can turn an basic loo into a modern marvel. With smart home or...
Paul Volcker, Namesake of ‘Volcker Rule,’ Dies at 92

Paul Volcker, Namesake of ‘Volcker Rule,’ Dies at 92

Photo courtesy Getty Images/New York Times Paul Volcker, the former Chairman of the Federal Reserve who helped subdue inflation in the late 1970s and...
Skiers and skis in bright colors at the top of a mountain.

The best ski resorts and mountain towns in Colorado

What makes a ski town more than just a small town with snow? Maybe it’s the mish-mash of log-cabin storefronts and...
Christmas Safety Tips

Christmas Safety Tips for Homeowners and Tenants

 Today I have Christmas safety tips for homeowners and tenants.  I originally published this article more than 5 years ago, but the information...

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