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A floating collection of three teal houses with red trim and docks sits on water in Belize.

Private island vacation rentals you might actually be able to afford

Ahhhh, beach vacations. Whether you love splashing in the ocean or lounging with a good book, it’s the stuff of dreams....
A private pool sits next to a home with a tiled roof. There is grass around the pool and trees.

Hawaii art museum wants to be your private hilltop retreat for $15M

In Curbed’s House of the Day column, we often write about homes with museum-quality art. Rarely, however, do we report on...

Private mortgage insurers’ market share nearly equals FHA’s

Private mortgage insurance now has almost matched the Federal Housing Administration program in market share, having gained approximately eight percentage points in the...
Edward DeMarco

Three ways to draw private capital back into mortgages

Since the financial crisis, taxpayers have been the primary source of capital supporting Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and the broader mortgage market....

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Creating a community with my Staten Island neighbors

Creating a community with my Staten Island neighbors

We were at the end of one of those summer nights that draw out endlessly with their laziness and warmth, until...
Sunshine Zombiegirl

House For Sale – Life’s Funny

Free poltergeist with every purchase.Photo by Syarafina Yusof on UnsplashHouses are full of weird sounds, shadows, and other random and unexplained happenings. Usually...

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