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Sammamish Mortgage

Pros and Cons of Replacing Your Roof Before Listing Home in WA State

Summary: Your roof places a vital role in both the integrity and aesthetic appeal of your home, so it’s important that it is...

Pros and Cons Grow Vegetables On Your Deck

Container Gardening: Pros and Cons Grow Vegetables On Your Deck
Raniyah Ahmed


Have you ever wondered what a studio apartment is? It has many names, such as ‘bachelor apartments’ or ‘efficiency apartments.’ This is a...
priya kalate

The Pros Of Living In A Studio Apartment – priya kalate

Have you ever heard the maxim ‘good things come in small packages’? This is true when it comes to apartments. Less really is...
Mykel Ferrantino

The Pros and Cons of Surveillance Equipment in Real Estate

Part 1: An Invaluable Tool for Asset ManagementHave you ever had a contractor lie to you? As a developer, I have heard a...
abandoned zombie home

Vacancy Taxes: Pros and Cons

To combat affordability issues, some California cities are considering an “empty homes penalty,” also known as a vacancy tax. Voters in Oakland, California...

Methods For Tenant Cleaning Checklist Just The Pros Find Out About

Home cleaning isn't at the peak of the checklist of enjoyable points to do. A fast cleansing will have the ability to aid...
home framing during home construction against cloudy sky

Pros and Cons of Spec Homes as Investment Property | Real Estate

Real estate investors have multiple options for getting into the game. The most popular investment strategies are fix and flip and long-term rentals,...

7 Pros & Cons of Working Under a Broker as a Real Estate Agent

The broker. If you’re a real estate agent, you’re probably reading this with seriously mixed feelings. Here you are, working like a madman...

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Co-living startup Bungalow raises $47 million, including investment from Alex Rodriguez

Co-living startup Bungalow raises $47 million, including investment from Alex Rodriguez

Real estate startup Bungalow launched last year, offering a unique solution for finding affordable housing in some of the nation’s largest and most expensive housing markets. At...
New Orleans

New Orleans property owners can expect a slight dip in rates

Months after a citywide reassessment caused property values to shoot up across New Orleans, its likely impact on taxpayers' wallets is becoming clearer.The...
Detroit Housing's Ups and Downs

Pushing Housing Investment in Detroit

Now might be the right time to invest in Detroit housing, The Detroit News reports, as the city has avoided inflation seen in...
Řabeya Àkter

How to Gain High ROI from your Real Estate Investments?

Have you been looking up flats for investment purposes? Is your list of builders and developers increasing by the day and you have...

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