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Inside Redfin’s strategy for buying and selling homes

Inside Redfin’s strategy for buying and selling homes

The launch of Opendoor in 2015 has seemingly caused every company in the real estate industry to adjust its strategy to...

How to quickly make your LinkedIn profile stand out from the masses

There’s no denying the notable impact that Snapchat has had on the visual side of social media apps. From knock-off Snapchat-esque filters to...
VA Loans Arlington

Reasons why every VA mortgage loan lender in Arlington needs new clients

A business that has no customers is as good as dead. This is because customers play a very huge part in determining business...
Redfin: June Home Sales

Redfin: Home prices rise for the third consecutive month in June | 2019-07-22

In June, the nation’s median home price rose for the third consecutive month, increasing 3.4% from a year earlier, according to new data from Redfin. U.S. home prices...
People sitting on wooden steps

Snøhetta’s designs in the Austrian Alps let the land speak for itself

Architectural tourism tends to cater to the ostentatious. Make it shiny, colorful, or thrilling, and tourists will flock to it, phone...

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