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The Impatient Trader

The Biggest Problem With property for sale in cyprus ayia napa

buying property in cyprus big problemsThe dream of Cyprus in a villa has come to be a reality for quite a few people...
JLL’s $2 billion acquisition of HFF to close on July 1 | 2019-06-28

Oregon close to becoming first U.S. state to ban single-family-only zoning | 2019-07-19

Earlier this month, Oregon’s legislature passed House Bill 2001, a measure that will require cities of more than 10,000 people to permit duplexes...
Redfin: June Home Sales

Redfin: Home prices rise for the third consecutive month in June | 2019-07-22

In June, the nation’s median home price rose for the third consecutive month, increasing 3.4% from a year earlier, according to new data from Redfin. U.S. home prices...
Mortgage Tech Rundown: CoreLogic, TapCap, EXOS and HOMEBOT | 2019-06-13

Mortgage Tech Rundown: Anow, LoanScorecard and FormFree | 2019-07-18

Anow, an appraisal management software company, announced the release of a new cloud software suite that connects appraisal companies to form service networks that...

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