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John Travolta Quietly Sells Brentwood House to Scooter Braun – Variety

Though his latest few films haven’t fared well at the box office, John Travolta can still crank out a hit on the residential...
unicorn 404

Unicorn goes extinct – is the scooter movement in trouble?

Scooters, scooters, scooters – it seems like that’s all us city-dwellers have heard about these past 3 years. Since the inception of rental...
Bird scooter unveils Cruiser minibike for two

Bird scooter unveils Cruiser minibike for two

Bird, the multibillion-dollar electric scooter startup credited with helping jumpstart the micromobilty movement around the world, bills itself as a “disruptor.”...

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First American acquires Title Security Agency

New York state reverses prohibition on in-person showings, appraisals

New York state announced Wednesday that it will allow those in real estate to resume providing some services, such as in-person showings,...
struggling poor mark zuck

Facebook “faces” false financial frailty

UPDATE: During the COVID-19 outbreak most conferences are shut down, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t contact these women to speak with...
AIME's Anthony Casa on the mortgage industry's most pressing topics

AIME’s Anthony Casa on the mortgage industry’s most pressing topics

HousingWire CEO Clayton Collins sat down with Association of Independent Mortgage Experts Chairman Anthony Casa to discuss some of the most pressing issues...
just sign email

Easy email signature builder quickly updates your info

Not to be a loyalist turncoat about it, but sometimes the European Union comes out with stuff that makes me want Texas to...
Noah George

Noah George — 5 Steps to Commercial Property Investment

The attraction of high investment returns lures many corporate North Carolina into the hunt for viable commercial real estate opportunities. With the rate...

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