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The Impatient Trader

6 Differences Between Listing Your House and Retaining an Agent

Photo by Marten Bjork on UnsplashWhen it’s time to sell your house, most homeowners look for a real estate agent to help them...
Even with high expectations for digital, homebuyers want a human touch | 2019-06-19

Foreign buyers flee the U.S. housing market, led by Chinese and British | 2019-07-18

China’s currency controls, as well as international tensions between the U.S. and a slew of countries traditionally thought of as our allies, are...
Rendering of chapel made from paper tubes

Notre Dame temporary chapel proposed by Shigeru Ban

When a fire broke out in Notre Dame this past spring, Paris lost more than a tourism icon—its residents also lost...
The Impatient Trader

10 Meetups About funnel builder secrets webinar You Should Attend

Should you be a loan officer or home finance loan broker on the marketplace for home finance loan potential customers, you should have...
29 books on failed utopias that inspired Curbed’s podcast ‘Nice Try!’

29 books on failed utopias that inspired Curbed’s podcast ‘Nice Try!’

The first season of Nice Try! explores past attempts at creating utopias. With host Avery Trufelman, we explored an integrated midcentury...

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