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"Snow plows come in only one size: ginormous." Or do they?

I think a lot of urban problems (not all, but a lot) could be made better if we narrowed our streets. Excessively wide...
As it turns out, size does matter. - Andy Pater

As it turns out, size does matter. – Andy Pater

As it turns out, size does matter.I’ve been thinking a lot about this over the past 7 days.In the year 2010, Victoria’s Median...
CFPB highlights bank/nonbank split in servicer size tiers

CFPB highlights bank/nonbank split in servicer size tiers

The nonbank share of large mortgage servicing is growing, but smaller players tend to be depositories, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau found in...
A faded brick building with a new Railyards logo painted on the side.

Sacramento, California’s downtown may double in size with Railyards project

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg has a long history with the city’s Railyards, an expanse of rail lines and brick buildings that...

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Jason Channell

Boston Bears Brunt of Construction Break – Jason Channell

Boston Construction Stoppage Has Ongoing ImpactsPhoto by Tiffany Chan on UnsplashA Boston construction stoppage has brought over 100 ongoing projects to a halt....
A bright orange shipping container house has a deck and overhanging roofs.

A shipping container house inspired by midcentury style in Colorado

Shipping containers have been used in a plethora of creative ways, from urban farms to off-the-grid getaways to all-in-one pools. Each...

Essential in the Modern Real Estate Market

One of the great advantages of investing in real estate is the sheer variety in the industry. As investors, we can have our...

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