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Brennan Elliott House Los Angeles

Brennan Elliott Buys Studio City Home – Variety

November 19, 2019 12:40AM PT Canadian-born and Julliard-trained actor Brennan Elliott, the excessively vain host of fictional dating...

Trisha Paytas Rents Studio City House – Variety

After years of living in a rented condo at The Grove’s Palazzo West complex, during which she uploaded countless videos of her near-mythic...
Odessa Denby

Why everyone should live in a studio apartment – Odessa Denby

Everyone should occupy a small space at least once in their livesYes, that is my kitchen table behind my sofa and my bed...
Cedar clad house with round facade. A single door opening is on the left.

‘Cocoon house’ by Nea Studio makes vibrant use of skylights

Half opaque, half exposed, the Cocoon House is all about finding the right light. Brooklyn-based Nea Studio designed the Long Island,...
Raniyah Ahmed


Have you ever wondered what a studio apartment is? It has many names, such as ‘bachelor apartments’ or ‘efficiency apartments.’ This is a...
priya kalate

The Pros Of Living In A Studio Apartment – priya kalate

Have you ever heard the maxim ‘good things come in small packages’? This is true when it comes to apartments. Less really is...
Arihant SuperStructures Ltd.

Studio apartments in Panvel cannot get better than the ones offered by Arihant Aspire

Living a luxurious life is something that everyone wants, and the means of achieving it is by most commonly believed– earning more! The...
Reid Scott Buys Studio City Home – Variety

Reid Scott Buys Studio City Home – Variety

A 1960s, mid-century modern residence in a rustic, famously celeb-packed Studio City, Calif., neighborhood was recently sold for a smidgen more than $3.5...
Topher Grace Lists Studio City House – Variety

Topher Grace Lists Studio City House – Variety

Topher Grace has hoisted a comprehensively updated and pristinely maintained mid-century California ranch-style home in Studio City, Calif. up for sale at close...
Jussie Smollett House

‘Black-ish’ Star Deon Cole Buys Studio City Home – Variety

Comedy writer, stand-up comedian and actor Deon Cole, best known for his stone-cold committed portrayal of an eccentric, hilariously paranoid advertising agency employee...

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地產小子 Propertykids

匯璽III現樓兩房單位(7座中層L):客廳與兩間睡房望遠景,惟樓層不夠高,海景不夠闊 – 地產小子 Propertykids – Medium

新鴻基地產位於南昌站上蓋的匯璽發展項目第5期,即最後一期住宅項目「匯璽III(Cullinan West III)」早前開放現樓示範單位。樓盤兩房單位是主打戶型之一,今集介紹的中層單位屬兩房一套的設計,單位最大特色在於兩間睡房都不用捱「面壁」景觀,但由於樓層不夠高,海景角度明顯較窄。今集介紹的兩房單位,屬於「匯璽III(Cullinan West III)」兩房一套望開揚景的單位之一。單位位於第7座中層L室,實用面積526平方呎,露台21平方呎,想知單位特色就要閱讀下去喇!大門甫進大門就是玄關、客飯廳、開放式廚房。玄關/客飯廳/開放式廚房(約215平方呎)與露台(21平方呎)近大門的玄關位建有入牆櫃,一吋空間也不放過。長型客飯廳配露台,開放式廚房設於飯廳角落。開放式廚房設於飯廳角落,附設曲尺廚櫃。浴室1(約44平方呎)浴室1是匯璽III兩房單位中最大的浴室之一,呈多邊型設計,並不設通風窗,是黑廁。睡房1(約60平方呎)睡房1與客飯廳景觀相同。主人睡房(約70平方呎)與主人浴室(約39平方呎)主人睡房與客飯廳景觀相同,主人浴室無窗。雖然「匯璽III(Cullinan West III)」位置方便,配套齊備,但大家不要忘記貨比三家,以選擇適合自己的單位啊。免責條款本博客內容只反映作者的個人觀點及意見,並非廣告/宣傳資料,沒有促銷有關指明住宅物業的意圖。本博客所載的資料(「有關資料」)在賣方就發展項目指定的互聯網網站及/或一手住宅物業銷售資訊網及/或傳媒及/或實地視察等途徑取得,其準確性及真實性以官方紀錄為準,本博客無法就有關資料內容的準確性及/或真實性作岀任何承諾及保證,亦不會就此向任何因使用或倚賴有關資料而蒙受任何損失或損害的人士負上任何責任。本博客在籌備有關資料時,雖已作出合理謹慎措施,但有關資料只供參考,本博客不會就有關資料之完整性、準確性、及時性及可靠性,或有關資料適合某特定用途,作出任何形式的要約、承諾、陳述或保證(不論是明示或隱含的),亦不保證有關資料與賣方就發展項目指定的互聯網網站及/或一手住宅物業銷售資訊網同步更新內容,讀者需自行向賣方/發展商/一手住宅物業銷售監管局查證以取得最新資料。準買家如欲了解發展項目的詳情,請參閱售樓說明書。本博客亦建議準買家到有關發展地盤作實地考察,以對該發展地盤、其周邊地區環境及附近的公共設施有較佳了解。置業涉及風險,物業價格可升亦可跌,甚至變成遠低於預期。準買家在作出任何置業決定前,應仔細了解及衡量個人與家庭的財務及就業狀況、利率與匯率及市場資金變動、地契續約、香港與中國及環球經濟和就業前景等各項因素。 Source link

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