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Neil Armstrong

Envoy Mortgage partners with Sutherland for operational support | 2019-09-11

Sutherland Head of Global Business Development Neil Sutherland sat down with Envoy Mortgage COO Kim Hoffman to discuss Envoy's decision to work with Sutherland...
Sutherland Mortgage Services delivers process transformation through automation | 2019-08-01

Sutherland Mortgage Services delivers process transformation through automation | 2019-08-01

Mortgage lending has undergone a sea change in the last several years, requiring mortgage companies to do more with less as they look...

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Unemployment Claims Top 3M - DSNews

Unemployment Claims Top 3M – DSNews

In the week ending on March 21, there were  3,283,000 claims for insured unemployment, an increase of 3,001,000 from the previous week's revised...

David E. Talbert Upgrades in Woodland Hills – Variety

Veteran playwright-turned-successful Tinseltown filmmaker David E. Talbert (“Almost Christmas,” “First Sunday,” the upcoming Netflix holiday special “Jingle Jangle”) and his longtime wife Lyn...
BRRR Strategy Infographic REtipster

The BRRR Strategy Explained: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

The BRRR strategy is technically the BRRRR strategy (but using so many “R’s” is kind of awkward to remember … not to mention...

What is COVID-19 doing to real estate investing? – IVOS CONSULTING

The positive1.All time Low Interest Rates*Good for Refinance your home loan.*Good for Flipping properties2.$$ Money is Pouring into Safety*Sell you underperforming Properties: With...
MLM miracle cure

MLMs under investigation for claiming they have a COVID-19 miracle cure

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, most people are either working from home, or nervously in an office setting right now, or are...

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