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Geopoint Data

Skip Tracing Terms: Hits and Searches – Geopoint Data

Skip tracing can be a complicated process. To make it more complicated there are hundreds of companies and thousands of freelancers who are...
Prime Seller Leads

Prime Seller Leads In Terms Of Real Estate Lead Generation Guiding Principle

In the real estate manufacturing, a lead is typically regarded as the information on a prospective seller or buyer. It is simpler to...
Words that Sell… Terms for Real Estate - Hometrack Real Estate Marketing

Words that Sell… Terms for Real Estate – Hometrack Real Estate Marketing

Yes, photos matter in real estate listings. Photos grab attention. And photos help visitors imagine themselves living in the home you’re trying to...

4 key real estate terms, every aspiring homebuyer should know.

Buying a home becomes the ultimate goal after acquiring a steady career. While for someone who is well-versed with the real estate business,...

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Asking Rents Slip in San Francisco, Nearing Peak in Oakland

Asking Rents in San Francisco and Oakland Slip

While the weighted average asking rent for an apartment in San Francisco ticked up in January, it has since slipped a percent to...
Commercial real estate data and analytics provider CrediFi confirms it is shutting down

NewDay USA promotes Michael Oursler to COO

VA mortgage company, NewDay USA, has appointed a new chief operating officer. Michael Oursler has been with NewDay USA for the last eight years...

Investors See Record SFR Appreciation

Single-family rents grew by an average of 3% in 2019, driven in part by the lowest unemployment rate in over 50 years, according...
HUD dedicates $10 million to affordable housing

Trump picks Dana Wade to serve as FHA commissioner

With Brian Montgomery currently awaiting a full Senate vote to confirm him as the next deputy secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban...
consumers speaker

Consumers spend big on smart speakers, but small through them

Remember when Amazon came out with their “innovative” new idea – – the Dash button? We reported on it a few years ago....

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