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A sunken living room looks up to a kitchen.

Renovated townhouse is minimal with rich pops of color

In Toronto, local firm Reigo & Bauer gutted a Victorian townhouse in order to design a minimal yet sophisticated interior that’s...
In One Historic Park Slope Neighborhood, a Townhouse with Cutting-Edge Smarts

In One Historic Park Slope Neighborhood, a Townhouse with Cutting-Edge Smarts

The four-year-old townhouse 106 Prospect Place is a standout in a neighborhood of standouts. The lot where this thoroughly modern home stands was, from its...
Lindsey Buckingham House

Jessica Chastain Scores Manhattan Townhouse – Variety

Jessica Chastain, who will next appear in “Dark Phoenix,” the 12th installment of the X-Men film franchise, has substantially...

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Friday Flash: Love the ones you’re with

Friday Flash: Love the ones you’re with

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A magazine layout showing a portrait of Isamu Noguchi, in profile, collaged with an image of his abstract sculptures

Isamu Noguchi’s quest to design the perfect ashtray

In the 1950s, smoking was still considered glamorous, and ashtrays were mainstays inside American homes and universal accessories on tabletops. In...
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Mississauga Real Estate Market Update — February 2020

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