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Daniel Ramsey

Cut Your Transaction Time From 45 Hours To Only 15!

Quit chasing paperwork! The documentation, signatures, phone calls & followup involved in each transaction involves a massive amount of time & effort —...
Daniel Ramsey

Double Your Production With A Real Estate Transaction Coordinator

According to NAR®, each transaction take about 45 hours to finish from contract to close! That’s for EVERY transaction you do — and...
Daniel Ramsey

Why You Need A Virtual Real Estate Transaction Coordinator!

“Outsourcing is the latest buzzword in real estate. Real estate businesses have latched on to the outsourcing trend, seeing the benefits it has...
Sean Williams

Len Foy: Real Estate Transaction Fraud – Sean Williams

Real Estate Attorney NHWhat Is Real Estate Fraud?Fraud is a part of real estate conveyancing system, Fraud is like selling the same property...
Bijay Acharya

Blockchain In Real Estate & Transaction – Bijay Acharya

SrcTechnological and digital development is changing the way we do business, innovate or invent. So, people are forced to explore and learn technical...
Josh Cruz


A real estate transaction process in California is made up largely of sending and receiving a number of different documents.To ensure that the...
Fannie Mae Announces Credit Insurance Risk Transfer Transactions

Fannie Mae Announces New CIRT Transaction

Fannie Mae has announced that it has executed a new Credit Insurance Risk Transfer (CIRT) transaction. According to the GSE, the covered loans...
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An End-To-End Transaction Solution Without Offers? – MLS Offers – Medium

Many industry players are are proudly touting their end-to-end transaction solutions and platforms. These include software providers, brokerages, marketplaces and more. The actual...

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