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A rectilinear house with a facade of gridded glass sits among trees. The mostly white and glass facade has small touches of blue, yellow, and red.

Eames House conservation project turns eucalyptus trees into LTR tables

The Eames House, located in Los Angeles and designed by Charles and Ray Eames as their own home in 1949, is...
Infographic illustrating that urban areas without trees can be up to fifteen degrees hotter than rural areas with tree cover.

The health benefits of trees

On Dallas’s hottest summer days, Matt Grubisich would dispatch his colleagues at the Texas Trees Foundation to take manual air temperature...
Sculpture hanging in forest

Rain-collecting sculpture is like a chandelier for trees

The artist John Grade has created an ethereal sculpture that dangles from trees in the Arte Sella Sculpture Park in Borgo...
Rendering of interior with wood floors and lots of plants

Notre Dame rebuild concept is all glass, wood, and trees

If this new proposal from Miysis Studio looks familiar, that’s because it is. The Belgian 3D visualization studio is the latest...

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The wooden frames of a series of townhomes under construction.

Real estate trends that will shape 2020

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An airy open living room and kitchen with a coffee table, sofa, and dining able, opens to a courtyard, where there is a tree.

All-black house in Japan hides a calm courtyard

This black box of a house in Tokyo is like a present—concealed and nondescript on the outside, with a pleasant surprise...

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