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Loan Originations

Independent Analysis of AI Completed

Black Knight, Inc., a provider of integrated software, data, and analytics to the mortgage and real estate industries, announced the completion of an...
shipping boxes

How small companies can compete with free shipping

The next tax season will inevitably approach, and those of you who took a chance on cryptocurrency may be wondering: Do I have...
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

Agencies release update on capital proposal for CRE assets

WASHINGTON — The federal banking regulators issued a new proposal Friday asking for further public comment on changing the definition of a “high...
Will Gluck House

Rihanna Seeks Renter for Hollywood Hills Villa – Variety

Not having had any luck selling, Rihanna now seeks a well-heeled renter for a Hollywood Hills residence that is now available to rent...
People sitting on wooden steps

Snøhetta’s designs in the Austrian Alps let the land speak for itself

Architectural tourism tends to cater to the ostentatious. Make it shiny, colorful, or thrilling, and tourists will flock to it, phone...

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