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Rates rise

Average mortgage rates jump on encouraging economic news

Strong economic trends like an improved employment outlook and rising homebuilder sentiment helped to drive average mortgage rates up 12 basis points from...

Time and money issues are major stress points for home sellers: Zillow

Most home sellers are stressed around issues involving time and money — two things they can't control — because those affect the purchase...
Rates slip

Average mortgage rates decrease following weak services data report

Weaker-than-expected economic data led to a decline in mortgage rates this week, although consumer attitudes remain strong, and should continue to drive increased...
Zillow has officially entered the market

Zillow has officially entered the market

Zillow is here. As of two days ago they’ve officially entered the market in Sacramento and they have big plans to expand to...
Americans are setting out on their own later on in life – HousingWire

Zillow Offers launches in third California market – HousingWire

Zillow has officially added Sacramento to the Zillow Offers expansion in California. In addition to Riverside and San Diego, homeowners in Sacramento can...

Buy Non-drop Zillow Reviews – BuyUSAsmmServices

Basically, Zillow is the leading search engine for real estate and rental service which is dedicated to empowering customers and clients with data,...
SMM Service Provider

Buy top Quality Zillow Reviews – SMM Service Provider

Buy Zillow reviews push your business forward at a great speed. The lives of people are now mostly online dependent. They don’t have...

Buy Zillow Reviews – BuyUSAsmmService

Zillow is the chief rental and real estate marketplace. It’s essentially a database that works like a search engine for properties. It provides...
Rates hold steady

Slowing economy likely to keep average mortgage rates low

Economic issues were the biggest influence on average mortgage rates in the past week, although two trackers moved in different directions. 30-Year FRM...
Elaine Marak

What is Zillow? – Elaine Marak

Zillow is the country’s leading online real estate marketplace based on monthly website traffic.Today, Zillow offers a variety of products and services; But...

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